Adrenalin (Single)

You're pumped full of adrenaline, your mission is to rid this warehouse of scavs - you load your weapons, get your cyberware ready and run in! Get ready, set your cyberware to maximum!

I feel that this song was inspired by cyberpunk. A classic modern techno track with all its elements! - Technonauts EU

Me rises even when listening to that adrealin in my blood high, a very good techno track! - Fibox

Artwork by: María Ibañez


  1. Adrenalin 06:09


Image description of the cover artwork:  A cyborg-like person stands in a corridor pointing a gun at something, you can't see it. The cyborg-like person is wearing a protective suit made of various metal plates. Their face is protected by a white mask. Above the eyes there is a modification to better recognize the enemies.

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Release information

  • Release date...: 2021-12-01 01:00:00
  • Record Label...: OBEY THE SYSTEM
  • UPC............: 196512494717
  • Genre..........: Dark Techno, Techno