As you sit with your cyberdeck in front of the dataterm, trying to hack the corpo building, you realize that you are missing the right music. Suddenly, you remember that you downloaded a few audio files from an artist in Berlin from the old-net, an artist specializing in the perfect music for netrunning sessions. You upload the tracks to your cyberdeck and let yourself be immersed in the digital world by the driving beats and pulsating synths. It's time to start your hack and infiltrate the corpo system - with the right music in your ears, you are unstoppable!

Cover artwork:


Image description of the cover artwork:  This is a stylized digital artwork of a female character with a partly cybernetic face, intense green eyes, and bold makeup. The image has a glitch aesthetic with Japanese text elements.

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Release information

  • Release date...: 2024-04-30 02:00:00
  • Record Label...: OBEY THE SYSTEM
  • UPC............: 198090295212
  • Genre..........: Techno / DarkTechno