Disappear (Single)

You live in a world where only wealth and property count.
You just want to disappear from this world but nobody lets you escape.
Your data is everywhere, you are found everywhere.
Can you escape the new age of metadata?

A dystopian mix of techstep and metal! - The Dub Base

The artist Revengeday is absolutely right, we are sinking more and more into a digital world - time to disappear while we listen to this song - Freshtunes UK Blog

Artwork by Danielle Marvel - daniellemarvel.weebly.com


  1. Disappear 04:17
  2. Disappear (Instrumental) 04:17
  3. Disappear (Kuki Yomenai Remix) 03:25


Image description of the cover artwork:  The light shimmers green, a cyberpunk woman looks anxiously into a mirror. The reflection turns away from the person - both have different facial expressions. The mirror image has a blood stain on its neck and looks very hurt. While the person in front of the mirror is crying.

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Release information

  • Release date...: 2022-02-10 01:00:00
  • Record Label...: OBEY THE SYSTEM
  • UPC............: 196698334296
  • Genre..........: Metalstep, Dubstep