Redux (LP)

The second multi-genre major album I have released.
Inspired by classic sci-fi and cyberpunk games and movies.
Your thoughts no longer belong to yourself,
they are just part of a program that will slowly make you more and more inhuman.
Can you borrow? I think not, human.


Image description of the cover artwork:  A person leaning against a motorcycle smoking a cigarette in an alley.

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Release information

  • Release date...: 2019-07-01 02:00:00
  • Record Label...: Yawning Cat Records in association with SME EUROPE, SME NORTH AMERICA, SME ASIA, SME LATAIN AMERCIA
  • UPC............: 193663371973
  • Genre..........: Multi > Drum and Bass, Neurofunk, Techno, Ambient, Electronica