I Will Kill You (ft. Apexes) (Single)

Everything doesn't make sense anymore, you've had enough, you have to end it. The voice in your head tells you so. You go, you pull the trigger, you are liberated, you are lost.


Image description of the cover artwork:  An illustration of a crime scene, you see a kind of living room. On the table is a vase with red flowers, an ashtray with a burning cigarette and next to it is a pistol. In the background you can see a couch with blood stains. In the whole picture there is police flutter tape.

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Release information

  • Release date...: 2020-03-20 01:00:00
  • Record Label...: Yawning Cat Records in association with Catch Media
  • UPC............: 195068001639
  • Genre..........: Neurofunk, Heavy Drum and Bass