No Trust (ft. Aenna Keen) (Single)

Together with Aenna Keen I produced a melodic techno track. We have been trying to make music together for a very long time, now it finally happened!

You can never trust anybody.
Why can't you just listen to me, huh?
I told you, you are stuck with me.

And do you know what is most beautiful?
Nobody can hear you scream. 'cause you're trapped with me forever.
Do you hear? Forever!

Lyrcis and Vocals by Anna Kühn "Aenna Keen".
Artwork by Satoru Matsumoto On behalf of TECHxBERLIN and OBEY THE SYSTEM


  1. No Trust (ft. Aenna Keen) 06:09
  2. No Trust (Instrumental) 06:09


Image description of the cover artwork:  A cyborg woman in which one half of the face looks human and aesthetic, while the other side is a robot face in which you can see parts of the teeth and a metal plate. The eye is a synthetic eye. The woman wears an orange kimono and a pink top, you can slightly see her breasts. The cyborg woman stands in a seductive pose.

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Release information

  • Release date...: 2022-05-20 02:00:00
  • UPC............: 196863815735
  • Genre..........: Melodic Techno, Techno